Sunday, February 15, 2009

OLD COOL: Original gaming chair/impromptu boinking apparatus

The bed was too far away from the gaming system. NES controllers stretched, what, two feet.

You needed a comfy chair to log hours of Contra, Super Guinea Plumber, or one man Madden tournaments until the ass crack of dawn.

The Chair

It also unfolded. To lay down and really get into the two player action when the opposite sex came over to hang out.

Perfect for those chicks that refused to get into the actual bed. Because that was somehow 'dirty' and not how 'proper girls' acted. Your cans are out and my 'R button' finger is up your Umbros and about to save the Princess' peach. Totally classy.

Like the Queen of England.

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  1. I had this exact same chair in the dorms.

  2. Yes! At my college, a chair like this was called a "Flip N' Fuck"