Friday, February 6, 2009

IN MEMORIAM: Dale Alvin Gribble

Dear, sweet Dale.


Bounty hunter.


Gun fanatic.

Conspiracy theorist.

You were all these things. And also a dear friend.

A birthday gift from years past, I loved you so much I never took you out of the package. You sat perched on the shelf in my home office, watching me email, write short stories, pleasure myself and steal music online. You never judged.

We have a new office now and the wife says I'm a big boy and need to put away some of my toys. So away you go, in the box with Superman and the Austin Powers bobblehead.

You are gone. For now. Hopefully to return one day when I get my own "man room" or she leaves me for a man with more motivation and fewer Go-Bots.

Good night, sweet prince.

It was a lovely ceremony.

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  1. Haha Chris! I had no idea you had this in you! Although now that I think about it, can't say I'm surprised;)